Is all your artwork created by hand?
Yes, everything is hand-drawn, using compass, ruler and/or freehand, with the exception of any designs marked ‘[CosmiColour]’. For these designs the colour was created by applying a digital gradient across the original artwork.

Find yourself thinking: “There’s a drawing I liked in the gallery but it’s not available on the product I’m after…”? By all means, ask, as new products are being made available on-goingly as the site continues to grow.

Note: some requests may be declined, in instances where the desired design would not suit the product in a way that satisfactorily meets the Patterns & Portals design standards


When will my order arrive?
At this stage, as Patterns & Portals is just starting out, stock is ordered in on a per order basis. Products are manufactured in various locations, some local, some offshore.
Expected delivery times within Australia:
up to 7 business days – posters
up to 7 business days – shirts
up to 20 business days – scarves, cushion covers, tote bags

The the aim is to move toward more local manufacturing options, to speed up distribution and support local business.

Shipping costs:
Items have flat rate shipping costs applied at the checkout based upon the location of the delivery address.

Your right to a refund of purchase price:
You are entitled to a refund for items you purchase if the item is:
(a) faulty and the fault or defect was not pointed out to you before you purchased it or would not have been apparent to you when you inspected the goods before purchase; or
(b) not ‘of merchantable quality’, meaning that it is not of the quality that you reasonably expected when you purchased it, bearing in mind the way the item was described to you before your purchase and also the price of the item; or
(c) not fit for its purpose, meaning that the item does not do what you reasonably expected it would,

AND you return the item within a reasonable time after purchase and provide proof of purchase, such as your original receipt or bank statement. If you do not return the item within a reasonable time, you will not be entitled to a refund of the purchase price but you will be entitled to exchange the goods or have them repaired.

Patterns & Portals reserves the right to ask you to demonstrate that you did not cause or create the fault in the item.

If you are entitled to a refund but you would prefer to exchange the item or receive a Patterns & Portals gift card of equivalent value to the item, we are happy to exchange or give you the gift card instead of a refund.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Unfortunately, once your order has been placed we are unable to cancel or change your order.  However, once you have received your goods you can return them for a refund, if they meet the criteria in the refund section above.

Please contact via email for further details regarding returns/exchanges.

Payment methods

Is currently the default option, which also facilitates credit card payments.

Other forms such as direct bank transfers available on request.